Covaris M220

Covaris M220 for ultrasound DNA fragmentation

Consumables available for purchase at the GSC.

We stock: microTUBE, microTUBE-50 and microTUBE-15

Users can also purchase Covaris M220 microtubes at

The Covaris is avaliable for user operation for $6-8/sample (depending on the tube type used) after initial training.

Alternativley, samples can be dropped off and ran by a GSC employee for $8-10/sample (depending on the tube type used).

Please email us at for training or to set up a time to drop of samples for tapestation analysis.


Covaris M220 Consumables available for use


microTUBE AFA Fiber 6x16mm Pre-Slit Snap-Cap -allows for fragmentation from 150-1,500bp in 50-130uL (Part Number : 520045)

microTUBE-50 AFA Fiber 6x8mm Pre-Slit Screw-Cap -allows for fragmentation from 150-800bp in 50-55uL (Part Number : 520166)

microTUBE-15 AFA Beads 6x16mm Pre-Slit Screw-Cap -allows for fragmentation from 150-550bp in 15uL (Part Number : 520145)


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